Trash Nothing

Here are the items that I’m giving away. Self-collection at Bedok South postal code 460036. Thanks!

Click on the pictures for larger photos.

Keyboard with PS2 adaptor not USB


beads and little knick knacks

IMG_20141125_003357 IMG_20141125_003421 IMG_20141125_004316

paintbrushes with blue paintbrush holder


Several bags in quite alright condition

20150129_160430       20150129_160350        20150129_160507

2-inch porcelain paper weight from Netherlands with windmill motif

IMG_20141125_010002 IMG_20141125_010038

A3 sized old calendar bought in Korea still in mint condition

IMG_20141124_232554 IMG_20141124_232712 IMG_20141124_232743 IMG_20141124_232914

A5 sized A-Z contact list book bought at Precious Thots condition 8/10

IMG_20141124_234312 IMG_20141124_234356 IMG_20141124_234419 IMG_20141124_234446

small photo frame

IMG_20141124_235434 IMG_20141124_235540 IMG_20141124_235635 IMG_20141124_235653