Streetdeal is out to scam inexperienced online shoppers

Yes…you’ve heard right. Streetdeal is out to hoodwink inexperienced online shoppers. I’ve recently bought some vouchers from them but realise that they have too many of these ‘fine print’ traps to looks out for. Will have to tread extremely carefully when dealing with this company in future.


The voucher costs $7.50 but when my credit card bill came, I saw $8.88 instead. Why? After emailing them, they explained that it’s because they charged me for insurance of a bloody voucher!?!? (I was told that I failed to uncheck this tiny box saying ‘insurance’ in fine print.) Insurance? I sometimes don’t even buy insurance when I go overseas, why the hell would I need insurance for a $7.50 voucher, bah! A load of crap designed to siphon $$ from unsuspecting customers.


Just compare the Streetdeal paypal checkout page with the Groupon one. Streetdeal dishonestly hides the total cost of the purchase from the customers, claiming that “you’ll be able to see your order details before you pay” but once you click on the ‘continue’ button, poof! Your deal is sealed and paid for WITHOUT seeing the actual price so even if they sneaked in the $1.38 insurance fee, like in my case, I wouldn’t know at all.





I attached the above 2 photos in my email to Streetdeal, pointing out that if I had seen the total cost to be $8.88 I would go back and review my purchase. I think it’s only fair that I get to see the total cost BEFORE I pay. Groupon and almost every other merchant does that, I don’t see why Streetdeal can’t. After about 6 weeks, they finally refunded me the $1.38. It’s just a small sum but really, it’s not about the $$ but I just refuse to be hoodwinked like that and pay for something totally unnecessary. Shame on this company, and on those behind the website design, especially if it’s intentional.


Things to beware of:

1) the tiny ‘insurance’ box to uncheck

2) another tiny ‘premium member’ box to uncheck


By the way, you can almost never get through to them via their hotline, so email them and wait…and wait….and wait. That’s pretty much you can do. Rubbish service.




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